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What’s in a Name?

So far, Kitt has loved our homeschool journey, but one thing trips her up- when people ask her ‘what school do you go to?’

During my school years, my family moved a lot. I didn’t develop a strong school identity or affiliation. Kitt isn’t particularly into sports or school spirit, but she did feel like part of her school community. I knew she missed some of her fading public school friendships, but I hadn’t realized just how much she felt adrift without the environment and culture.

I’ve noticed her hesitation and confusion whenever people ask her about school. She has anxiety, and not knowing the answer to this seemingly harmless question throws her into a panic. I’ve also met people who seem judgemental before I even respond, and I’d love to circumvent the inevitable ‘Homeschool Opinion Debate’ with them, too.

This hovered in the back of my mind until the day one of the moms on the homeschool Facebook group I’m in asked such a simple question-

What did everyone decide to name their school?

I was baffled and blown away. We get to NAME our school? How cool is that? Not only is it legal (depending on the terms you use; I don’t think you can call it an institution, for instance), but it is darned handy for avoiding awkward conversations with the busybodies of the world. Many homeschoolers also like having a school name to type in on their child’s diploma. And if someone asks where the school is located, you can just answer ‘online’ and move on with your day.

Voila! Crisis averted.

I brought up the idea to my family, and everyone was on board with the project. I won’t say Kitt was thrilled, since this became a school assignment in part, but she enjoyed hashing out the details with me. Most people would probably stop at naming their school, but we want to make yearbooks for Kitt, so a mascot and colors (and more) spiralled into the mix.

So far, we’ve chosen:

  • A School Name
  • School Colors
  • A Mascot
  • A School Motto

Since we’d like to take advantage of certain student perks from local businesses in our area, and they require school ID cards, this decision couldn’t have come at a better time. Hubby works in the digital design industry, so he’s helping us design our school ID card. Also, I’m sure our homeschool yearbook will look so much lovelier with a school name on the spine to match all the others on my shelf.

So, what did you decide to name your school?

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