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Today Was a Bad Day

I debated a long time about posting something so personal. Kitt is able to see this blog, after all. But one of the hardest parts about having depression is feeling so alone. Just because the depression isn’t mine doesn’t mean it can’t feel quite a bit lonely helping Kitt deal with it.

Besides, today was a bad day.

Tears upon waking. Dragging along every second. So blue the mood was bleak and black. Kitt didn’t want to eat, drink… or live.

Yes, today was a bad day.

Following a curriculum wasn’t going to cut it. Neither was letting Kitt have her way. She would have happily stayed in bed the whole day- or lost herself in video games.

Today, she needed an intervention.

So we sat on the couch and watched documentaries together. Okay, I lied. We did learn things today. But no questions, no quizzes, no pressure.

We watched a show about finding other planets like ours- and laughed at rain made of diamonds or getting squashed by a supergiant with gravity fifteen times more than Earth’s. We cringed after five minutes of a nature show… that poor gazelle! We wondered aloud about what it would feel like to ‘walk’ in space- until Kitt remembered she was deathly afraid of heights.

So, today was a bad day- but it will get better.

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