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Facing Criticism

I feel that one of the biggest hurdles homeschooling families face comes not from within, but from our families and the community. In the weeks since we’ve made this decision, I’ve had comments thrown at me, and comments whispered about me, from family and friends alike. Continue Reading

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Exploring Gameschooling

Kitt was struggling with math so bad. She couldn’t even look at a math problem without breaking down in tears. She was so frustrated, she couldn’t answer basic addition and subtraction questions, though she was past two digit multiplication and division last year. Since she was making A’s and B’s in math in 6th grade only a few months ago, the question we had to ask ourselves was ‘are we being manipulated’?

I don’t think this is the case, honestly. Continue Reading

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Today Was a Bad Day

I debated a long time about posting something so personal. Kitt is able to see this blog, after all. But one of the hardest parts about having depression is feeling so alone. Just because the depression isn’t mine doesn’t mean it can’t feel quite a bit lonely helping Kitt deal with it.

Besides, today was a bad day. Continue Reading

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Learning to Love Learning Again

I have a confession to make.

Kitt and I don’t always get along. Sometimes we are worse than oil and water, but those moments almost always coincide with any time I have previously tried to ‘teach’ her something outside of school. To some parents, this might discourage them from attempting a homeschool journey, but I’ve been called worse than stubborn before, so…

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Deschooling Your Publicly Schooled Child

First, I want to tell you that I didn’t have a problem with Kitt’s school. I liked her teachers and felt the staff really cared about the children in their care. They communicated with the parents well. Kitt’s IEP worked well enough within the constraints of the system.

The system, though… oh, I had issues with the system, all right!

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Making the Leap to Homeschooling

Let me start off with this: I have wanted to home-school Kitt from day one. Before pre-K, I went to the local K-12 Academy and sat through orientation. I read the packet, scoured the internet and sat at the starting line waiting for the school year to begin so I could impart my knowledge to my offspring in my own way.

Life is funny sometimes.

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