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Learning to Love Learning Again

I have a confession to make.

Kitt and I don’t always get along. Sometimes we are worse than oil and water, but those moments almost always coincide with any time I have previously tried to ‘teach’ her something outside of school. To some parents, this might discourage them from attempting a homeschool journey, but I’ve been called worse than stubborn before, so…

For the first few weeks of our journey, I decided not to set a curriculum at all. Instead, I wanted to focus on reigniting her desire to know things. She used to be such a curious child. Now, she sees any odd fact or insight that she must endure outside of school as torture.

Yes, torture. Her words, not mine. ;D

Her adversity to the very idea of learning something new had hit explosive levels in the first few months of sixth grade, mostly due to stress at school and personal factors. She shut down entirely when presented with new ideas, and refused to participate in family debates or conversations where any possibility of learning some new fact might occur. We’re talking about tuning out, walking away, breaking down in tears, and even sinking on the floor in despair whenever asked to do something remotely educational. For someone like me, who researches nonsense things daily just because I need to know, this confounds me.

What isn’t interesting about that yellow fungi growing on the log in our front yard, right?

For the first two months, trying to teach her anything just pushed us further off track, so we stopped focusing on education for a bit. That isn’t to say we didn’t learn several new things each day- we covered Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome with a light touch on facts and a heavy focus on culture. For now, our biggest project is ourselves. We can focus on arithmetic, spelling, proper grammar, and detailed facts later.

Right now we just need to step back, and learn how to love learning again.

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