Our Favorite Books

I like to browse through these titles when designing a unit study so I know what’s available. We’ve only just begun our journey, but here are a few book series we’ve enjoyed so far:

Who was?, What was?, Where is? series by Penguin Books
Kitt enjoys reading these. They are presented in a fun manner, but may omit some information, especially anything deemed controversial.

The Eyewitness Series by Penguin Random House
We both enjoy these books, and try to include them in every unit. They are packed with pictures and information.

Language Arts/English
The Dragon Grammar Book by Diane Mae Robinson
This is a cute way to present, and cement, new grammar. The sections are brief and cute. Since I don’t use a curriculum with Kitt for language arts, we use this as a reference for correcting grammar in her writing as it occurs.

How to Be Good at Math by Peter Clarke, Caroline Clissold, & Cherri Moseley
This is an illustrated approach to math. We use this as a study aid when playing our math games or learning new topics.