Favorite Games

These are a few of our favorite games. Most of these are affiliate links; for details, please see our policy on the right sidebar. We have purchased each game on our own dime, unless otherwise noted.




This is a family favorite. Sometimes, we just want to warm up our brains without really thinking, so we break out the old Uno game.



This is another family favorite for those lazy days when we are just waking up too slow to think about real math.





This is a challenging game which incorporates addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a race to the finish.







Kitt is still struggling with fractions, so we picked up this little gem. I’ll have to add my own cards eventually to make it more challenging, but it works so far.



Language Arts


Instead of doing vocabulary tests and writing definitions over and over, we decided to take one word at a time and make a game of it. We pick one card each day from either of these two decks, and try to use that word as many times that day (or in the next few days, as it turns out) as possible.




So far, we enjoy mixing it up between the two boxes.






Similar to the vocabulary word sets above, we choose a random card each day to learn some random facts about geography and the cultures around the world. We do this in addition to our planned unit study of the day, and often compare or contrast the random culture to the one we are studying.



Who doesn’t love brain teasers? Well, erm, Kitt. Since we aren’t doing the standard sixth grade curriculum, and don’t always know the answers on the cards yet, we decided to play a little game of “Do You Know More Than a Sixth Grader?’ where Kitt is the host, and I am the poor sap with the buzzer. She answers the question if she knows it, but most of the time she likes to make me squirm. We pick one card per day as a morning warm-up.