About Us

Kitt and Katt are a homeschooling duo out to learn how to love learning again!

Hi, I’m Katt! Welcome to our blog.

I’ve always wanted to homeschool my daughter, so when she started having problems at school, I knew it was time to educate her my way. We started homeschooling in the middle of her sixth grade year in October 2018 and I don’t have plans to ever send her back. I subscribe to an eclectic blend of curriculum with many elements from other styles. As a secular family, I realize many of my resources may not appeal to religious homeschool plans, but I make my best effort to let you know in the description if some of the material I link to might offend certain groups. Any religious topics covered here are usually from an education standpoint.



 Hi, I’m Kitt!

I struggled in school, and I panicked any time the teachers called on me. It used to frustrate me when I would ask a question and the teachers, or my friends, would make me feel stupid for asking. I know I’m smart, but it made me feel sad that I couldn’t get the answers as fast as everyone else. So far, I like being home with mom all day, but I don’t like math or science.